• Services We Offer

    Our sophisticated team includes Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists and Mediators.


    We are the premiere center for counseling, mediation, supervised visitation and parent education in El Dorado County and the Sacramento-Sierra region.


    You can expect a warm welcome at our comfortable office where we offer counseling, mediation, coaching, and consulting for individuals, couples, families and children, as well as parenting education, workshops and group counseling.


    Our holistic approach is complete mind-body awareness and trauma focused, which is why we offer our clients specialty workshops as well as resources for all areas of personal and professional growth. Our dynamic approach to counseling offers a variety of methods as well as specific ones like E.M.D.R., Pet Assisted, Equine & Art therapies. Our professional mediation and coaching service provides an integrated and transformative approach to resolving complex disputes for families, groups, communities and organizations.

  • Meet our Staff

    Working in a collaborative environment, our counselors and certified mediator blend unique backgrounds and life experiences to ensure our client's find a counselor, mediator, or coach that fits their needs. To learn more about each of our expertise and client focus, please visit their unique PsychologyToday profiles by clicking their name underneath photo, or visit their personal websites or Facebook pages.

    Kathleen S. Young


    MA, LMFT #37261

    Kathleen has worked as a therapist and advocate for 20 years with adults, children, and couples, focusing on adjusting to life transitions, trauma, anxiety, domestic violence, divorce adjustment, communication, and parenting challenges. She is specialized in EMDR for trauma,, play, sand tray, and expressive arts therapies. She strives to provide space for compassionate conversations in a safe, trusting environment.

    For more information visit kathleenyoungmft.com/



    Catherine Underwood


    MA, LMFT #45638

    Catherine is an experienced therapist and teacher who works with clients to address a wide range of issues in an atmosphere of safety, compassion and respect. She works primarily with adolescents and adults and specializes in working with depression, anxiety, difficult family dynamics and trauma. For decades she has worked with parents and with co-parents in high conflict separation, divorce and custody disputes. Her specialty Parenting and Co-Parenting classes are one of the few in the region approved by El Dorado Family Court.


    Michaela Johnson


    MA, LMFT # 90280

    Michaela works with teens, individual women and couples who are struggling with communication, finding balance and/or trauma, anxiety and depression. Her mission: Be You Find Happy brings workshops on confidence, silencing negative self talk, setting boundaries and setting forward focused intentions to a group setting. To learn more about her individual style or group classes and workshops, visit michaelarenee.com

    Regina Helmer


    MA, LMFT #92102

    Regina experienced with children and adolescents that have experienced trauma, substance abuse issues, behavioral concerns, poor academic achievement and learning disabilities. She accepts children as young as 4. She provides practical tools to cope and manage life successfully. The techniques she uses depend on client's individual needs and the presenting issues. She believes in meeting you where you are, providing a safe place to process difficult topics, allowing you to dive deeper into being the authentic/genuine person you are meant to be.


    Sara Schifano


    MS, LMFT #93711

    Sara is experienced in working with pre-teens, Teens and young Adults as well as individuals who are struggling with; self-esteem, trauma, anxiety, depression and social/relationship issues. Her goal when working with clients is to successfully help teach and implement healthy coping strategies, drawing upon natural strengths in order for clients to build a stronger sense of self confidence, helping each client create positive and long lasting changes that can lead to experiencing a better quality of life. For more information visit: ajourneywithincounseling.com 

    Dara Fremont Presley


    MS, LMFT #98025

    Laura Arevalo


    MA, LMFT #39068

  • Groups & Workshops

    We offer a variety of groups and workshops, to learn more please contact our main line 530-903-4416.

    Co-Parenting and 52-week Parenting

    Supporting Parents and Children

    Co-Parenting: An 8-week psycho-educational class that provides intensive support and education designed to increase understanding and develop skills necessary for cooperative parenting after divorce or separation.


    52-Week Parenting: A psycho-educational class for parents of any age child. This ongoing class provides a focused, in-depth supportive process to develop insight, understanding and better parenting skills.


    Both groups are approved by the Superior Court of El Dorado County and family courts in the region.

    Be You - Find Happy Workshops

    Great for life skills, confidence building, finding authentic self

    In these workshops you will learn tools to build self confidence, silence negative self talk allowing you to challenge your fears, set boundaries and find happiness.

    Emotion Regulation

    Honor internal emotions and cues

    This group is focused on increasing an individual's ability to self-regulate. Through the group process, the goal is for the client to gain the ability to be insightful and honor internal emotions cues and strengthen access to coping resources to further enhance ones world.

    Social Thinking

    Enhance social skills

    What is Social Thinking The ability consider your own and others thoughts, emotions, beliefs, intentions, knowledge, etc. to help interpret and responds to the information in your mind and possibly through your social behavioral interactions Social Thinking Groups are generally around 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. Sessions are conducted in a group format of 2-4, though individual sessions are recommended too in many cases. Social thinking is best taught to children near normal to above intelligence with average or higher average language skills.

    Art in Therapy Workshop

    Explore through Art

    In this workshop participants explore their inner child and true-self, while learning key strategies for reducing anxiety, and will have explored areas for personal growth. Using a variety of techniques and tools- such as oil pastels, paint, markers and more, you will experience creativity and learning with a therapeutic focus. No art experience needed.

    Equine Therapy

    Great for trauma, life skills & first responders

    The Equine Experience is taught both individually and in groups at HartSong Ranch (a sanctuary in Greenwood) is also excellent for team & morale building within companies and sales organizations as activities with horses can serve as metaphors for leadership, communication and decision-making .

  • Connect With Us

    You can reach our offices by email or phone, or reach out to our mediator or counselors individually through their personal websites or Facebook page.